Types of difficult exercises for a Dyspraxic that I have risen to the challenge of doing… What’s my superpower?

In a time of isolation, comes a time to try and curb what’s going on in my head. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some days I haven’t even felt like the first thing on my mind is exercise. But I have changed my mind since attempting to do things that I used to see myself being made a fool of for trying. I’m not scared of attempting the more difficult exercises at this point.

Today I wanted to share a few of the exercises that for me, and people with Dyspraxia, due to low muscle tone (often an invisible aspect of an already hidden difference), find that bit more challenging to even attempt let alone get right. I often see these videos of these fitness gurus who can perfect these exercises. I just make the decision now to try. Because I’ll never be an expert but am happy to join in with a community who are using exercise as a form of escape. So here are some of these exercises that I have attempted recently.

Burpee Lunge Jumps

No, not burpee lunch jumps (something that sounds like burping on the way to the cupboard for food), burpee lunge jumps. These are a challenge because of the overall speed of the exercise. I try to challenge myself to do 6 in 30 seconds every time and try and go one better. The lunge jumps are the more challenging bit, but also, the speed becomes tricky. With Burpees, you usually try to do them in 3 motions. I end up doing 4. I have no shame in that and just try and do it anyway because I’d rather try and get the movement and form of the exercise right rather than rush it.


Push-ups have always been one of the most challenging exercises for me because I used to have absolutely zero core strength. So I’d just immediately flop down onto the floor. Nowadays, I think I’m less of an embarrassment at this exercise, but would rather not have the company of anybody watching me do them. I struggle to keep my back in a straight position rather than arched but I still want to try because it’s important to attempt something and learn from the experience. Because you’ll soon enough get it right, I think.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches are another one where I find it a challenge to contract the core muscles while keeping my legs above the ground. It’s a slower exercise which is better but also a lot tougher on the abs as you’re stretching from one side to the other, bringing the elbows up to the knees. I would say out of the more difficult ones, this is the one I’ve become most confident at.

Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps really fire up the legs. Whenever I do a workout each day, I always do the squat jumps to push myself that extra yard rather than take it easy and go for plain squats. On occasion, especially during a workout focused on the legs, I get quite tired halfway through a set of Squat Jumps, but I try to power it through until the end. It’s the strength I’m gradually building that is helping me endure the tearing of my legs as I go through these.

Side Plank

Oh, these are tough. These really work your obliques especially and the glutes. It’s tough to not drop down halfway through for me. But I try to just keep contracting the muscles for those extra few seconds. It certainly pays off in the end. The other day I attempted to hold a side plank for a minute on both sides, which was tough… But well worth it. Keeping my feet locked in the side plank position is the biggest challenge for this to start with, as my feet have a tendency to move and have an outwardly facing thing going on. But I don’t let it deter me.

These are just a few of the exercises that I have become more confident with recently and have made me want to keep it going for especially the sake of my own mind.

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