What lockdown has taught me as a Dyspraxic

This current phase we are going through is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It is not only confusing, but isolating, monotonous and restrictive too.

But there’s a way around. I always believe there is a way. As a Dyspraxic, changes to routine aren’t exactly always something I welcome. However, the ability to try doing something different is an essential skill in life. Today I want to talk about some things I have taken upon the challenge to do

Changing my fitness routine

PE with Joe Wicks. This has been an interesting alternative to my usual gym routines. I’d not actually done any cardio exercises for a few months (besides walking of course). But these workouts every weekday, plus the various other workouts such as the HIIT workouts and 7 days of sweat challenge, I’ve not avoided doing the extra. To be honest, I have come a long way with regards to this. I am now doing exercises I never even imagined doing because I look like a complete embarrassment doing them. These are exercises such as press-ups and Burpees and also lunge jumps. Due to Dyspraxia, posture was once a huge issue for me. I was not going to shy away from trying these exercises and trying my best to copy the professionals who I’m learning from. Slowly, I’ve become more confident with these exercises and am pushing myself more each day to go more intense. No rest for the wicked as they say!

Think of a way to play hockey

It always occurred to me that I owned a hockey stick and never had the chance to do anything with it. So, putting one of the Dyspraxic strengths of mine which often floats in the background (creativity) to the test, I built my own goal using a wash basket and various objects to make it more challenging for me to score. This has been such great fun and I’ve spent hours playing in order to curb the feelings of anxiety surrounding what’s currently going on. A little creativity can go a long way. Sometimes creativity is a very black and white thing for me. I always judge creativity as an art form such as drawing or painting. But I decided to exercise some creative thinking to create my own fun.

Calling a stranger to check up on them

I take a lot of pride in looking after the community and helping other people. But this doesn’t come without the challenges of communication. As part of an initiative set up by my local rugby club, I willingly volunteered to call someone each day once lockdown begun, who has been on their own. For me, phone calls can present an extra challenge because I can’t examine social queues and I don’t know when it’s who’s turn to talk. But it has been a pleasure for me to be able to talk to someone new to help them even ever so slightly lift their spirits. I will always give back to the community and continue to help people. I can sometimes be a very quiet person because I want to avoid the awkwardness that social situations sometimes present. But then again, I want to develop the confidence. So I always try to approach these situations with positivity and almost just try to be spontaneous with it and enjoy the moment.

These are the 3 main things I have done to push myself on a little further and to learn ways to create, essentially, something out of nothing.

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