New Year… Same old Dyspraxic me. I love it.

I don’t fall for any of the “new year, new me” rubbish. For me, a Dyspraxic young man, I’ll be the same and will always be happy to embrace that. All the quirks… The bumps in the road… The things I take pride and joy from which may be an entirely different universe to that of a neurotypical person… It’s all part of the package.

Happy new year by the way. It has been a while since I last posted on this page. The days of January are already rolling by.

The start of a new decade. New memories, with a scattering of hilarity, clumsiness and forgetfulness. The power of 3. 3 is the magic number as they say.

Looking back on the past decade, only part 4 years of that decade I actually knew of my Dyspraxia. But I was certainly glad to know of it. Because I wouldn’t have met some of the people I’ve been so lucky and privileged to meet if I wasn’t part of this community.

There were skills I developed further during that decade though. I was able to get better at cutting food with my knife, rather than tearing at it with my fork (only on off days does this happen now when I’m just eager to eat the food on my plate rather than have to cut it up). Tying shoelaces was also something I mastered. And I just love boring people to death with how long it sometimes takes me to tie laces even to this day. I have a method. And I will stick to said method. If this bores you… I feel sorry for you for having such lofty expectations 24/7 of everything being done within the second. Learn to chill out a bit. Otherwise at some point that’ll come back to bite some.

Elsewhere in the past decade, I had times where my own artistic flair was derived from the art of spilling sauce down a t-shirt and reinventing the wheel of the whole tie dye idea. Just think of it as a quick way of being original without having to use a paint brush. Just forget that when you eat food and have a drink you have a mouth to use and spill it all down you and you’ve got one helluva product.

Let’s not forget riding my bike straight into a tree, that was a top calamity moment of the past decade. Oh believe me, that was not the first wonder on wheels to happen and it would certainly not be the last. A broken collar bone would follow because of my lack of awareness of how fast I was cycling at one point. And also other crashes. I could probably make some sort of comedy series all about my cycling adventures of scars, bruises, broken bones and nose bleeds (which were by virtue of a dog distracting me and I lost my sight of what was ahead and got scratched by a tree branch. Bad dog)

You’ve got to laugh. If you don’t laugh you cry. And of course, at the point where I broke my collar bone and thought my shoulder was going to fall off… I did let a few tears fall. But the bigger picture of all these times on my bike. It just makes me laugh more than anything. I mean… What did I really think would happen if I I cycled straight towards a tree. Did I think like Harry Potter running into Platform 9 and 3/4 that I’d somehow cycle into a whole other universe. It beats me.

2015 was by far the best recent year I’ve had in the past decade. Purely because I feel I achieved something that I didn’t feel a whole lot of confidence to do. I passed 6 GCSEs (5 GCSEs and 1 BTEC equivalent). This was without extra time. I tried to find effective ways to revise and it seemed to work for the most part. I felt that part of this would propel me to inherit more of a sense of resolve, resilience and perhaps wisdom in some ways too. English language and French were my strongest subjects and were subjects I enjoyed a lot. English language definitely helped to inspire me to want to write and even though reading was never a passion of mine back in 2015, I’m a lot more driven to read now because I want to read about other people’s perspectives and try to understand other people more. Ultimately I want to learn and try to use the lessons as fuel towards passion.

It’s worth saying… I am a passion merchant. I am very passionate about some things. Maybe I fall short of knowing just how to communicate these passions in the best way… But I do try. I’m the one who thinks contrary to being told that I’m an effective communicator. But when I communicate and talk about views that I’m passionate about I often think I’d rather not be heard just to save things from going too far.

I’d love very much to use a creative thought process to find solutions to things or to think about new ideas for things to be able to help other people like myself. And what a brilliant place to start. A new decade. A new era of time. Who knows what 2020 will be the year of? It was jokingly said 2019 would be the year of Grime Music. Well… It did do quite well and the main poster boy behind that was certainly quite successful.

All I strive to do, is to create a positive vision for people and to also keep enjoying and embracing my quirky natures and sometimes not knowing when to stop talking. If I read this blog out to you right now… Let’s face it… You’d be in a deep sleep by now. Well that would be the consolation prize for not having you fall asleep after the first word. Small victories. Got to take them every now and then.

Hopefully the 2020s can be an era where the wheel is reinvented, where people who are neuro-diverse can be given more opportunities to thrive rather than just survive. Survival is essential of course… But no fun unless you’re Bear Grylls. Thriving is what we want. Or at least a 60-40 split of thriving to surviving. I want people to be happy and to have the right support and be able to determine their own reasonable adjustments… Not to have them told to you because only a neuro-diverse person knows what the right support is for them. We need the right adjustments. The wrong word beginning with R is used to describe the adjustments people like myself are entitled to. With the right adjustments, we can all get on and we can all have healthy relationships and a mutual understanding. Let’s bridge this gap. Whatever it takes… Together.

Let’s create a positive vision. Involving plenty of the above. That is all.

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