Mini Golf Experience!!!

Last night I went out with a group of friends to do Mini Golf. And I loved it!!!

It’s something I’d not done in 10 years, a similar time frame to that of my group of friends… So it was always going to be an interesting turn of events. We all enjoyed ourselves and all got good scores I’d have to say considering the lack of Mini Golf action within our group for a while.

It almost felt at times like I was in my element during the game, especially the point I got a hole in one on possibly the most difficult hole on the whole course. I didn’t even celebrate it much (not that I would go overboard with it anyway) but I just felt completely astonished that it happened.

Usually, with Dyspraxia, your brain could be calculating the best move to make or working out what to do, and it all comes to nothing. I can’t lie, this has happened plenty of times for me. But this time, I spent what felt like a millennium thinking how I could possibly get a score lower than 6 (which was the highest you could possibly get before having to move on). How on earth I managed to get a hole in one, knowing I usually put way too much energy into something… Really beats me.

Elsewhere on the mini golf course, I spent time calculating every shot I did on other courses, which had those in-built “gimmicky” parts to them which admittedly did make it more of a challenge. But I wasn’t going to shy away from this one. Instead of using the ramps and “gimmicky” parts of the courses, I was able to plan how I would be accurate with putting the ball.

It all comes down to accuracy. Accuracy is something I’m glad I have a decent level of, as it helps me on my Dyspraxic journey to know that I always putting every droplet of effort into everything I do once I’m completely committed towards a task. You can bet your life that I may be last to finish something or I may take longer to do something… But taking longer and being more methodical and accurate is something I do take pride in rather than having the scattergun approach.

There’s a small joke in there somewhere, that on the night of my mini golf adventure, I was the one who was last to take my turn. So I was the last to finish every course, but during the entire experience, used as much accuracy as possible to get the best result. So kind of like I have explained before… I may be last to finish, but in the grand scheme of things… Being last to finish isn’t as bad as some people may think.

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