The Smaller Part of a Dyspraxic Brain… The Cerebellum

The smaller part of the brain for a Dyspraxic person happens to be the Cerebellum.

To give you the literal definition for what the function of the Cerebellum is “It coordinates voluntary movements such as posture, balance, coordination and speech.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about these 4 characteristics and how they have an impact on me.


I would say my posture has improved in certain ways. In the gym, I feel more confident in how I position myself to lift weights with less of a risk of injuring myself. It’s worth noting that at times I can almost forget what the right sort of posture is. Even how to sit down at a table without being hunched forward somewhat with my shoulders down and elbows locked a little. Sometimes I just pick up on the posture of others and do the same as them. But I would say that my posture isn’t too bad in general.


This is more of a struggle for me at times. It’s fair to say you’d never catch me on a skateboard. The embarrassment would be there for all to witness. Some of you may not be able to picture why trying to balance on a skateboard would be tricky. The main problem for me is how to stand on it in the first place. If you stood too far forward on it the back would then lift up and if I stood too far back on it the front would lift up and send me toppling over. And I can say that the typical “grab your ear while you stand on one leg” kind of idea doesn’t sit well with me either.


Again, there are various things that can show the difficulties I have with coordination such as driving. The coordination for me to use to read the road signs, have my foot on the right pedals and watch what my speedometer reads is quite overwhelming. However, the other side of my coordination like kicking a football (with my left foot in particular) is quite good to tell the truth. I can pass the football to its intended target without breaking a window or anything. That in itself is a success.


One things for sure… I can talk. Sometimes I don’t know when to be quiet in fact. It’s more the volume of my speech which I can’t control. I would definitely say that without a doubt, speaking is not my best way of communicating. Like the medium I’m using to communicate with you all now, the best way I communicate is via writing. I’m able to articulate myself better and get to the point. I’d rather write my key points of what I want to say on a blog or on paper rather than sending people to sleep by trying to listen to me get to the actual point rather than speak people round in circles.

So there you have it, the 4 areas of the Cerebellum and my explanation as to how they impact me on a day to day basis. It is always interesting as to how these different things vary in the challenge they present me. I would say the traits come and go like the changes in weather at times.

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