Neurodiversity Week- a Dyspraxic persons perspective

May 13th to 17th marks Neurodiversity Week 2019. This is an important time of year for me, as it gives a chance for people with Neurodiversity to express themselves and in essence… Make people aware that they have a voice!

Something I think many people with Neurodiversity have fallen victim to is being misunderstood. However much this is sad, people need to actually start to understand Dyspraxia more. I feel like Dyspraxia is one of the conditions of Neurodiversity which is only just really getting awareness whereas other conditions such as Autism have more awareness.

What I have thought about for a long time about Neurodiversity, is that I wish that judgements and assumptions weren’t made about people with this whole abled or disabled sort of view towards things.

I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about to put it into context. So, perhaps there could be someone who you could be in an environment with. Perhaps family or something like this. Someone struggles to cut their food up and they ask for help. Now, some people would have this attitude that this person would be pretending they can’t do it and wants help before they’ve attempted the task at hand.

Well, sometimes it could actually be the fact of being afraid of failure, especially if you were in an environment with someone else or a group of people watching them potentially fail.

So this sort of pretending you can’t do something just to gain attention kind of ideology I think is totally ridiculous really.

Something else I don’t like is a situation where someone would perhaps have the feeling of being put on a pedestal with their peers. Someone out there might have the attitude that if they can achieve one thing then they can achieve everything. I also think this is wrong on many levels because it puts pressure on those with Neurodiversity to conform to every single environment they are in.

I do think that attitudes towards Neurodiversity need to be challenged in a variety of ways. That begins with more conversations about the different conditions. Because believe it or not, ignorance and/or lack of awareness towards the other conditions such as Autism/ Asperger’s/ ASD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ADD and ADHD is still a thing. I for one, think it’s time that people who have these conditions should be able to embrace them in any way they want to. And they shouldn’t feel pressured to be some sort of superhuman or put down if they can’t do one particular thing, even if they don’t put all their energy and willingness into it.

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