My attempt at a poem… All about being different!

I’ve recently felt very much inspired to start indulging myself in the art of expressing myself by writing in a different kind of way.

This inspiration has come via a book called “Happy” by Fearne Cotton. This has quite easily been one of the best books I’ve ever read, as I can relate to a lot of things that Fearne and her guests have been through in life.

I see many things in the book through my own eyes of having Dyspraxia and placing somewhere on the autism spectrum too. I have been able to take on board this information and use what I understand to the best of my ability, to further inspire myself to try different things. So today I will share with you a short poem I’ve written. I hope you enjoy it.

The night was dark and the stars were bright.

What a beautiful sight.

I took a few moments to sit and gaze at this delight.

No longer would I see darkness as such a fright.

As I knew there’d always be a glimmer of light, however slight.

The glimmer of light would flood my mind with positive thoughts.

And grateful I was that this prevented me from feeling out of sorts.

It allowed me to remember my love and passion for sports.

But while your favourite sport may involve a ball and a court.

My favourite sport involves crosses and noughts.

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