Dyspraxia Q&A: Part 8

It sure has been a journey. And hopefully you are all still finding my story intriguing and will be interested to see how I will respond to more questions in the 8th part to this series today.

Do I feel Dyspraxia has limited any aspects of my life?

I don’t see Dyspraxia in that way. Quite frankly, I think Dyspraxia, as well as other conditions, don’t get seen enough for the ABILITY and instead get seen with the letters D, I and S in front (as I may have mentioned quite passionately before). Dyspraxia may have meant I’ve taken longer to get to where some people my age may have been 3 years before me… But isn’t that rushing on their part. Or at least being able to find it that bit easier to see a route to where they want to be and know how to get there more easily.

When I think of the things I want to do or in another way of putting it, things I want to achieve… Dyspraxia won’t limit that. I’m not going to let the few little roadblocks get in my way. I will find a way round them… Or over them… I will find a way.

In many ways, the fact I have Dyspraxia makes me positive enough to think that the ways in which I’m different or the strengths I have that others don’t could lead to something. It’s all about taking the right pathway for me. It doesn’t have to be the pathway to tick boxes or please others. It only has to please me. There may be things I want to do that would take more time and a lot more focus on that thing… But then I’d just do that. I would do what it takes to get to where I want to be and to invest in things I’m passionate about.

Do I feel Dyspraxia has enhanced my life or been a gift to me in any way?

So now onto the complete opposite end of the scale of question. I love these questions that have a huge contrast.

I couldn’t honestly say at the time of writing this, in what ways having Dyspraxia has enhanced my life or been that kind of gift. It’s hard to think.

So really it’s 2 sides to the coin to me. I don’t think it holds me back much. I also think besides perhaps having the attention to detail (at times) to just get a job done when I see that there’s a job that needs doing, I don’t see the ways right at the top of my head where being dyspraxic has maybe given me a lifeline in situations.

Which household task do I find most difficult?

Well I’m not exactly a dab hand at DIY if that’s what you’re asking. But then DIY doesn’t strike me as a household task.

To me, household tasks include cleaning and cooking. I can clean, as in I can clean my bathroom adequately enough and I can hoover. I can also cook.

However, to me cooking I see as more of a chore. I can cook myself meals to last perhaps just over a week. But sometimes I want a very particular meal and then if I had to make it myself I’d just be like “no thanks, not on the agenda after a tiring day”. It would certainly make me feel more satisfied if I was able to increase my repertoire of things to cook. This would probably be the one and only time where I’d say if there was an extra hour or 2 on the end of each day, I’d probably show the interest. But not right now!

Do I find managing money difficult?

Managing money is a challenge for sure. It is though, becoming less of a chore to start to think of ways of being more of say a “financial brain”.

One of the ways in which I’m starting to know what I’m doing with money is looking at the prices of buses. I have been on the bus many times and paid a certain amount. But if I paid monthly, I’d be saving quite a bit compared to if I paid daily or weekly.

This will then help me to save more to spend on other things. But spending money will never be a thing I enjoy. I could never be a person who comes back from the shops with perhaps a couple of t-shirts, some new shoes and a couple of pairs of trousers. My reaction to this would be “This costs a lot of money and I don’t feel great having spent this much”. But that’s a whole different topic. One which I can never seem to discuss with an open mind.

I do think that due to the inability to plan ahead at times, I’ve been unable to set myself a target budget to have for each month. But there are different variables that come into play that would be a determining factor in how much I’d spend.

Do I find cooking easy with Dyspraxia?

Here I can further elaborate on a previous point. I can cook set things. But I don’t have a huge repertoire.

I want to be able to make 7 meals a week and feel satisfied with what I’d had to eat. Right now I could maybe cook 3 meals from scratch where I could say that. So I’m kind of halfway there.

This isn’t such a bad thing after all. These things take time. Being dyspraxic doesn’t make some of these things easy, but I will say that it depends if you want to do certain things at the time. Sometimes you have passions and other interests that make you want to take your mind off the “chores”. This is me. I will happily do as much as I like to decrease the “chores” mentality. But that doesn’t just arrive overnight. It arrives when I see fit and when I get to the stage where changing my routine will positively impact me.

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