Dyspraxia Q&A: Part 6

Having passed the halfway point of this Q&A series, I’d like to thank those of you who have maintained interest in getting to know more about me. I’m very passionate about wanting other people to understand the person behind the name. So today I will be answering a few more questions. As always I hope you enjoy reading!!!

What are the strengths of Dyspraxia?

Despite Dyspraxia being a disability, there are many different aspects of it that the world doesn’t see that remove the letters D, I and S. Some of these strengths include great sense of humour, problem solving and motivation.

Those who know me best will see here that I’ve listed 3 particular strengths that I can relate to.

In terms of having a great sense of humour, I enjoy conjuring up jokes (mainly in the form of name puns). Problem solving is something that I tune into more when there is a problem to solve. I don’t go looking for problems to solve but in certain situations I like to think I can think of a way round an issue in a situation. Motivation is something that I actually see as more of a myth myself. I do find it relatively easy to be motivated. My main motivation through daily life is to help make other people happy and to make a positive difference to the lives of others. I’m also dedicated to learning and working hard. That will never be an issue for me.

What are the recent examples where Dyspraxia has affected me?

Straight off the top of my head, I can say that when the idea of a “Secret Santa” thing was mentioned to me, I didn’t know what to think.

It was quite difficult for me to process the idea as I don’t know when it’s happening or what sort of thing to buy in aid of it. Yes… I was afraid to ask! My mind was too focused on other matters to be tuned into the idea of a “Secret Santa”. And I didn’t know the sort of questions to ask in the moment to gain more knowledge. That is the most recent situation where Dyspraxia has affected me the most.

What do I find is the most frustrating thing with Dyspraxia?

What I actually find the most frustrating thing with Dyspraxia is when other people don’t understand it or to put it in better words… Make the effort to understand.

I do think that Dyspraxia is a very complex condition and is something that people will need to do extensive research about. But my answer to that is… Just do it!!! If there is someone in your life who had Dyspraxia or Autism or Asperger’s for example, they would very much be in the same situation as me where they’d find it incredibly frustrating to have people who don’t make the effort to appreciate your differences.

How would I tell an employer that I have Dyspraxia?

So when it comes to telling an employer about this, I feel I now have a plan in place for this sort of thing.

The best thing I’ve found to do is to almost create a fact file about how Dyspraxia affects me and the ways in which Dyspraxia will affect me in the specific job role.

However, I’d also make clear as I mentioned above about the number of strengths that also come with Dyspraxia. As you can see… Dyspraxia is not a burden. It’s not just a weight on your shoulders. People with Dyspraxia can often have a remarkable set of skills that people without the condition may not possess.

What do I observe that makes me different to others?

This is definitely an interesting question to be asked. There are a few ways in which I could answer this. As always I will give my best interpretation of how my personality would come into play here.

So at times, I can be incredibly quick to judge a situation. I may read into something a lot, for example if a person says something nice about someone and I don’t really think they mean it deep down.

Obviously this is something that people who read this will see as extremely harsh… But I think this is actually true believe it or not. I mean, how many of you could have come across a person who may say something nice and then the second you are away from that environment you hear them silently laughing to themselves in the background.

I could at least predict something like this to happen… Even if it’s only once. These are the sort of things I analyse a lot in my mind because I don’t like the thought of other people being told false information or made to feel like something they are not. It’s just one of my most hated things. That’s just me!!!

I hope you have found this interesting and have enjoyed getting to know more about how Dyspraxia affects my life. As always I invite you all to ask any questions you may have and I’ll always be eager to answer.

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