Dyspraxia Q&A: Part 5

So I’m back and here to answer a few more questions asked by a few of you. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about me so far and the sort of impacts Dyspraxia has on my life.

Does my hand ache when I write?

To be honest, it’s something that I have a high threshold for is the impact of an aching hand.

When I write fast like I had to at school (I mean who doesn’t, but when your dyspraxic this is more of a nightmare) I did have an aching hand at times. If I tried to guess why, it’s because I am right handed and do so much with my right hand and not enough with my left hand. Sorry for leaving you out left hand. I don’t mean anything by it… Honest!

Do I have trouble with reading?

Reading is one of my least favourite things to do to put lightly. The one thing that has affected how much I like to read is the immense difficulty I had with reading comprehension at school.

I absolutely hated reading comprehension! I found it difficult to read between the lines and find that deeper meaning within a text of writing.

This isn’t to say I don’t read. I’m just very particular with what I read. So like many people would perhaps do… I read about things I’m interested in which include sport, video games and music. So you won’t really ever see me indulged in a book to be honest because I don’t find reading to be a stimulating activity. But when I can bring myself to read I’ll do it. It just takes my mind a lot of effort to digest what I read.

Do I prefer to use the term Dyspraxia or DCD?

This is definitely one of my favourite questions so far in this series. For me, I prefer the term Dyspraxia. When I think of DCD, which stands for Developmental Coordination Disorder, I think that it’s just more generalised to one area of difficulty for some sections of the dyspraxic population.

The reason why I prefer to use the term Dyspraxia is because I just don’t have so many problems with the coordination element. I don’t have problems with throwing and catching a ball (or frisbee) and participating in sports I’ve known other people with the condition to struggle with somewhat.

All in all I’d say that people who perhaps struggle with the coordination side of Dyspraxia more, they may see fit to use the term DCD more often. It’s just too vague for my liking.

What do non-dyspraxic people know about my Dyspraxia?

First things first, I’d say that they know that it takes me a while to feel confident to communicate.

I’m guessing most non-dyspraxic people have twigged by now that eye contact is a problem for me too (which is where my ASD overlaps with Dyspraxia).

I also think that non-dyspraxic people my own age find it difficult to present themselves in a way to me that will be easy for me to understand. Of course that’s a 2-way thing but I’d rather be understood for who I am rather than being a burden on people just because I’m different in some ways and have different interests.

Also I think non-dyspraxic people know I have some sensory issues but I take my hat off to those people who understand that and actually are supportive of that fact.

Can I drive?

To tell the truth, I can drive with limitations. These limitations can be lessened if I found a different driving instructor who was more understanding of the difficulties I have.

The problem has been in the past that I didn’t really find a middle ground in my driving lessons. By that, I mean I either had an instructor who didn’t challenge me enough- or an instructor who challenged me way too much and threw me straight in the deep end .

However, soon I will be determined to find this middle ground and to take up driving lessons once again, as that would be something I’d love to achieve… To pass my driving test and to have that freedom.

So in terms of driving, I see myself as a rookie. But I can develop my skills and grow with time. There is no rush though… And for now I am happy enough using public transport from time to time… Provided I’m going on a familiar journey to a place I know well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed part 5 of this series and as always, if any of you have any questions for me… Don’t hesitate to ask!!!

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