Dyspraxia Q&A: Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of this series. Today, you will learn a bit more about what Dyspraxia means to me. So here are 5 more questions I will answer.

Do I wish I didn’t have Dyspraxia?

Wow! What an opening and perhaps somewhat divisive question. The short answer is no.

Now to elaborate. Well, for me I think the main thing is I’ve met a few people with the condition who will now always remain a part of my life. In terms of the ebb and flow of the pros and cons… I can’t really comment too much. I mean, I think I’m ok at problem solving (at times) and maybe other things that I’m never aware of. But I’d say the main reason I don’t wish I didn’t have the condition is for some of the nice people I have met at events I’ve been too.

What is my short term memory like?

To be honest, not great. As mentioned above… There are pros and cons. This may be just a tiny part of Dyspraxia but for me this is huge.

Some could say I have a very selective memory for things I’ve picked up an interest in or for small fragments of information. But having a conversation with me and expecting me to remember a lot is a gamble where said person would lose all their life savings if they were willing to gamble that much. Or even just expecting me to remember anything at a given times. It’s a mild annoyance. But I tend not to think about it. Because as I said… It’s a small thing not really worth me dwelling on.

What do I think of Doctor Who’s coverage of Dyspraxia?

Now here is another interesting question. Ok, so having a dyspraxic character in quite a popular TV program is all well and good. It’s a very welcome addition to the other ways in which awareness is being spread.

However, what I do wish, is that Dyspraxia wouldn’t just be portrayed in its physical sense every time. For me, even on the news or via media outlets where the first thing is that “It affects the person physically” or “Fine and gross motor skills are a challenge”.

This all may be true, but it would be nice to see more awareness of the mental and emotional side of how Dyspraxia can present itself rather than always going to the physical side as the first port of call.

Do I see myself as a thinking outside the box sort of person with having Dyspraxia?

Here is a question where perhaps more often than not, a dyspraxic person would say “Yes this is me down to a T”.

Well my answer to this question is actually a no. Honesty is the best policy, and with these questions… I’m being honest.

I may, like other human beings, have different ways of being creative but I wouldn’t really say I think outside the box. For me the box is always there, because sometimes I simply don’t know the answer or whether something is right, wrong or anything in between. So I guess I’m a more play it safe sort of person.

Do I like busy situations?

In terms of the sensory side of Dyspraxia, I don’t like busy situations. I get sensory overload at times and can’t cope with loads of conversations going on all at once.

But it’s kind of situational. If I was with a person or people I trusted I guess I could get by in busy situations and just kind of keep to my own devices to a sense.

So for example if I was in a pub I don’t really like it that much as there’s just a while array of noise and I can’t really hear what someone might be saying. This does make me uncomfortable but I guess if I was at an event where sociability is not at the forefront of the experience, then I’m able to cope better.

I also struggle within a group. And that’s pretty much a group of any size. I find it hard to latch onto what is going on or to express myself well. So to me at times even a group of 4 is a busy situation. And it is not exactly my favourite situation to be in to put it lightly.

I hope you enjoyed reading more about my Dyspraxia journey.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away as I’m more than happy to answer.

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