Top 3 positives of my Dyspraxia

Happy Dyspraxia Awareness Week!!! I always love this time of year. The condition which gets left out and that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves gets attention!!!

Today I’m going to talk about 3 things which I’m very grateful are positive traits which link to my Dyspraxia.

1. Hand-eye Coordination for sports

This might seem like a surprise. It’s a surprise to me too- but a pleasant one at that. With sports I focus on accuracy which is a huge factor of success.

So with some very different sports I am able to focus and perform movements involving hand-eye coordination. Take frisbee for example. I remember a time when I was on a beach on holiday, someone threw a frisbee towards me from 52 yards away and I managed to dive and catch it. I don’t honestly for the life of me know how I did it. But I guess I did it because my eyes were fixated on the frisbee and I wasn’t distracted by my surroundings.

Another activity like throwing and catching a ball is something I find I’m quite good at. I think this comes from the fact I practiced this from a younger age and quickly was able to inherit that skill.

2. Attention to detail

So this kind of links in to being able to focus like I mentioned above. I sometimes in a split second can memorise things like where things are in a room or I pick out little details in a variety of situations.

Sometimes for example I will be able to show great attention towards puzzles and see where each piece goes. This could apply to many sorts of puzzles such as criss cross (which I really enjoy) or other problem solving scenarios.

3. Empathy

I think this is the number 1 thing that really goes way under the radar. I really think empathy is a huge part of my dyspraxia.

I may have mentioned previously about my difficulties with connecting with other people and forming meaningful relationships. However, when I do find those people whom I can relate to, the element of empathy is strong. I find I can show that I have an understanding there towards different situations that a non-dyspraxic person wouldn’t be able to do.

The last thing I’d like to say is that dyspraxia is getting more and more awareness as time goes on.

I have met some incredible people through the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth Group as well as meeting them at the 2 annual AGMs I have been too.

Dyspraxia has many positives to it… And through this blog I’d like to begin the celebrations of those positive dyspraxic traits.

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