How would I explain what Dyspraxia is if someone told me to pick 1 word?

This is possibly one of the most difficult questions a dyspraxic person like myself would have to answer. So… Just how would I explain dyspraxia in 1 word.

That one word… Is creativity!!! Not that painting a beige carpet, purple when I was younger has anything to do with it.

I tell a lie. It does. This is one of the moments of my childhood that I’ve been reminded of numerous times and to this day I still look back on it with fondness.

I don’t actually remember what really happened (you know, memory and dyspraxia don’t exactly see eye to eye) but apparently I was painting or colouring with a felt tip pen and instead of painting or colouring on the paper I was given… I coloured the carpet (which was beige or that sort of colour), purple!!!

It certainly added a bit of colour to it. I mean… Wouldn’t it just look so boring just beige. Way too plain!!! So this is where the word creativity comes into mind.

This was just an example I wanted to use from my childhood, but there are a variety of ways in which our dyspraxic minds can show creativity and no pun intended but add colour (purple) to an otherwise grey (or beige) world.

Whether it is thinking of a strategy to overcome challenges in a job or working environment, or maybe even just changing something to make it personal to you… I can’t emphasize enough how positive the word creativity really is especially for us dyspraxics.

In fact, here are some changes I made to some of my favourite logos and yes you guessed it, they are coloured in purple and beige (or the sort of colour the carpet was before I made it look better)

In case you didn’t know before… I love to edit and change the colour of things. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

Now, some people may think “How on earth is that creative?” Well my answer is this. I have changed these logos to make it personal to me and to kind of illustrate part of the way I am creative.

As I said, creativity can be used in many different dimensions and another way I have recently been creative is when I went bowling about a month ago.

I decided to use a complex method to try and knock down 2 pins which were far apart. So I used the bumpers to try and get the ball to one of the ends of the lane and try and knock one pin down which would then sweep the other one with it. I mean that’s what the bumpers are for. I definitely felt like i used that particular resource to my advantage.

So, when us dyspraxics are given the platform to be creative, we are blessed with unique mindsets that people without the condition could only dream of having.

When they say the brain is wired differently for us, I like to think that it’s wired differently because the wiring in our brain is jumbled up with the amount of creativity that we have stored in the grey matter.

So I guess I am a big advocate of creativity and can’t emphasize this enough. Even when you may think that you aren’t thinking outside the box enough… The box is gone!!! There is no box. Our creative minds expand beyond what we could perhaps even believe on many occasions.

So back to my original point… How would I explain dyspraxia using just 1 word? CREATIVITY!!! Now, where did I put my purple paint? I believe more colour is needed in the world and that our dyspraxic minds need to be given the freedom to flourish.

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