Going against the grain?

Sorry to disappoint… But this blog is not on the subject of wheat, oats or rice. They may be different types of grain, but that is not the grain I’m talking about.

Today, I’m going to talk about perhaps one way in which I may differ to some of the people I know who have dyspraxia. That is the subject… Of throwing and catching a ball, or in other cases a frisbee. This is one of the more difficult challenges for someone with dyspraxia but (with my right hand) I feel I have developed to a certain level with this.

So, the way in which I perhaps differ from quite a few people who have dyspraxia (I wouldn’t be able to think how many because hey everyone is different) is that I have been able to develop quite well at being able to throw and catch a ball or frisbee.

While on holiday in Spain, I also went against what I thought would be my own limitations of coordination of being able to throw and catch a ball. Yes, I decided to throw with my weaker hand (yes it’s weak, and it’s my left hand).

I decided to just go for it and practice throwing a ball with my left arm (even if it started aching after a couple of throws… Why do you do that to me left arm?). This was a challenge in itself to be able to get the ball to the desired target, rather than throwing the ball further towards the horizon (I was in the sea at the time).

But I was fairly happy with the consistency after a while that I was able to throw and catch a ball with my weaker hand. So clearly next on the agenda will be kicking a ball with my right foot (I think not). Yes I’m one of those people whose right handed and left footed. Apparently it’s called cross-domination so now I’ll show you just what cross-domination means to me in the picture below.

The funniest thing about practicing this movement with my left arm, is the skill was somewhat lost temporarily with my right hand. I mean there was one time where the ball was thrown towards me when I thought “yes, this is it, I will catch this” and then… It landed in the water and it got me thinking “Is this ball possessed?” “How could the ball possibly miss me?” I will never know.

One thing that’s for sure is that I definitely felt more confident at being able to try “going against the grain” (perhaps) and doing a movement which I won’t lie to you, was definitely a challenge, but one that I was willing to face up to.

So I would definitely like to try things like this more to improve the strength in both hands. As I said, my right foot is as embarrassing as my left hand in terms of if I tried kicking a football it would probably end up closer to the corner flag than the goal or person I’d be trying to pass to.

But at the end of the day, using my weaker hand I felt was a step in the right direction in terms of trying something different… Whilst having fun at the same time. Winner winner… Chicken dinner (sorry I did say this blog didn’t relate to anything on the topic of food, but I just couldn’t resist saying this to finish)!!!

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