Straight away you may be thinking… Synonyms? We aren’t here for an English lesson. Just as well I’m not here to give you one then.

In terms of dyspraxia recently and the things that some especially non-dyspraxic people would call “barriers”, I have overcome one of these in particular.

Now referring to the title of this blog “Synonyms”, I like to think of a few phrases that are “synonyms” of each other. These are the phrases I’m thinking of in terms of overcoming challenges recently:

Smashing through brick walls.

Jumping over hurdles

Now, I will just point out that I am not an athletic person, and for other dyspraxia related issues, I never was much use at jumping over hurdles. But jumping over hurdles doesn’t have to be a physical thing. It can also be a mental thing.

The same applies to smashing through brick walls. I’m not a person who spends a lot of time praising myself for things, I’m quite a silent person in terms of self opinion. But in terms of smashing through brick walls can also be to do with mentality.

To get to my main point of this blog, I want to share the challenge I’ve overcome to feel like I’ve “jumped over hurdles” or “smashed through brick walls” (I’m no incredible Hulk either by the way).

So at the end of June, I decided that I wanted to make a speech at a party for a certain person in my life. I do have social anxiety at times and when there’s an audience of people I don’t feel inclined to join in at times.

But this time was different. I felt like I wanted to speak my mind and overcome the social anxiety. And I did it!!!

I stood up in front of about 50 people or so and delivered a speech which was quite emotional. It made me shed a tear and many others in the room also felt touched by my speech as I was told. I assure you they were tears of joy. Tears of joy that words that just came naturally to me without being scripted were received in such a good way.

It made me a more confident person to be able to express myself and it made me want to inspire others further too.

From this experience, I also wrote a speech for a school that I wanted to leave them with for the summer. Words of inspiration, telling everyone involved that they have done an incredible job and wishing them the very best for the future.

Many people at this party joked (at least I saw it that way) that I could be a speech writer.

Well, I’m seriously considering it. I’m determined to not let social anxiety be a “hurdle” or “brick wall” that will stand in the way for me.

Instead… I see it as a development phase which is my positive outlook on something which may be a challenge.

Us dyspraxics face many challenges but really these are development phases. Areas of life which when we are given the platform to express ourselves… We can shine!!!

I love to inspire others and I have every bit of belief in all my fellow peers with dyspraxia who I also feel energised and inspired by every day of the week.

Social anxiety is something which shouldn’t be ignored by people and I may have suffered from this at times… But I have risen and dragged myself through this with my head held high that when I am feeling confident… I can truly express myself in a positive manner.

That’s all for now… But I would just like to leave you all with this message which definitely strikes a chord inside of me.

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