Dyspraxia Foundation AGM 2018

These events mean the world to me!!! It’s so great to meet people who actually “get it”, you know. It’s huge… And makes my life so much more positive.

So on Saturday 23rd June I went on the train down to London to meet fellow members of the Dyspraxia Foundation youth group and I was overjoyed to meet them all.

It was just great to have conversations with people who understand what it’s like to live with the condition. People who don’t judge you based off the most trivial things or judge you based on anything at all. People who understand if you need longer to process information or the environment around you.

The ice-breaker activities were fun and at the same time I was able to get a small picture of other people’s interests and learn a lot about the unique way in which some of my fellow dyspraxics think about things and in some cases, turned a thing of enjoyment into a career. Amazing stuff!!!

I definitely felt as emotionally reactive as a volcano afterwards, because it’s just one of the best days in the calendar year for me to meet people who have at least one thing in common with me. I didn’t really want to leave.

It goes to show how quick the day really went. I had so much more I wanted to talk about with the members of the Dyspraxia Foundation that I met there and wanted to share experiences. But I shall definitely keep this experience close to my heart as always and stay in touch with those people.

All in all… Saturday 23rd June was one of if not the best days of 2018 for me and I would like to take this moment to say what a wonderful group of people I have the privilege to be a part of and thank you to everyone who was involved.

After all, these events would not go ahead if it wasn’t for the incredible work and organisation that the Dyspraxia Foundation do (and just for the record, in very small numbers) and if I was wearing a hat right now (now where could it be… Lost probably knowing me hehe)… I’d take it off for these incredible people.

I’m very much looking forward to the next Dyspraxia Foundation event I’m able to attend to, to meet quite honestly, the greatest group of people out there.

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