“Every journey starts by anticipating obstacles and overcoming them”

So, I saw this quote when walking through town a few weeks ago. Once I saw this, I thought it just struck a chord with me in terms of being so inspirational and also having a link to dyspraxia.

In terms of dyspraxia, this quote made me believe that not only myself but my fellow peers within the dyspraxia foundation community can overcome the challenges we face.

One particular challenge I am facing up to, is looking for a job or to start my career of choice. Now, I know due to the real world, we will all face rejection from jobs and will face that heartbreak.

But… If at first you don’t succeed… Try and try again. What you have to do is at least put the effort in to finding different options which link to the career path that you’d want to pursue, or the sort of job you’d be interested in.

Fulfilment is so important. I’ve learnt this via a life coaching course. Fulfilment is everything between feeling like your actually going somewhere or whether things are just stagnating.

As dyspraxic people, we have often heard people mention the drawbacks to certain jobs or careers or the negative side of things. But I am here to say that… We can do it. We offer so much to a workplace due to our outstanding work ethic and also our empathetic nature… Which is priceless.

Just for emphasis… Here is the quote again. I can’t speak highly enough of this masterpiece of inspiration!

Yes there are obstacles in life, but we have to face them head on. If we don’t ever face any hurdles, then we won’t know how to jump over them. We need this practice. We need to accept failure and think of it as a learning curve which will only make us stronger in the long run.

I often want to find ways to motivate and inspire people and I always have the intention of helping people achieve their goals and ambitions. If there’s anything you want to do and think that you may have to overcome obstacles… Now is the time to put that creative mind to work (one of our quirky things with dyspraxia) and think of how you are going to tackle your problems.

Speaking from experience, I really do think it’s valuable to try your best to do things independently, as this will give you the world of confidence and then if you need help along the way, I for one will always have a listening ear and hopefully some helpful words to help you on your mission to achieving your goals and being successful.

The dyspraxia foundation youth group community has recently reached the fantastic number of 400 and I for one am greatly chuffed to see that there are new members becoming part of our vision to help and support one another and to put it simply… ACHIEVE TOGETHER!

I feel like us dyspraxics will show many people that we can offer something unique and special to many situations throughout our lives, and we also need to be supported to be able to overcome these obstacles without the fear of making mistakes.

Yes, of course we will make mistakes. We shouldn’t fear mistakes, we should be prepared and be prepared to conquer any challenges that arise.

And don’t forget… “Every journey starts by anticipating obstacles and overcoming them”.

Obstacles may be seen as obstructions to some and maybe to some of my friends from the dyspraxia foundation youth group… But really… Obstacles are just the building blocks to success.

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