Dyspraxia and Gym Training

Exercise is one of the many challenges a person with dyspraxia faces which “neurotypical” people would just take in their stride and think is a lot easier.

With the help of one of my non-dyspraxic friends, I have found that my confidence in the gym has really taken a welcome boost and I have started to push myself to new heights.

I have started to relish the challenge of resistance training and also have the belief nowadays that I can lift weights when there was once a time where my favourite thing to do in the gym was probably to listen to a person whistle completely out of tune to the backing music… Oh how times have changed. Priorities are no longer in question. I mean the whistling still happens, but now it’s just a nice little comedic distraction while my muscles “take the strain”.

Weak muscle tone will forever be one of the most difficult things for someone with dyspraxia when the gym comes to mind. However, I like to think my mentality has grown stronger now and I never let a day when my muscles seem weaker deter me from achieving my goal.

I always want to try and be positive and the gym is helping me to be so much more confident in myself. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you try your best and set yourself even the smallest of targets and smash them, you can feel proud of yourself.

Having a positive focus point like the gym I can honestly say really lifts your confidence and I would say that in terms of the difficulty I used to have, that is no longer a barrier for me. The barriers have been removed and I feel like exercise is now helping me to build positive foundations to build upon and to also help create a positive feeling around exercise perhaps for my fellow peers within the dyspraxia community who feel nervous to go to the gym. Believe me… I’ve been there.

Gym training may not be easy for someone like me with dyspraxia… But who said it was easy. I would say… Embrace the challenge!!! Create yourself a variety of routines or maybe focussed routines on different muscles groups like my friend has done with me.

My friend has had the patience with me unlike any other people who would otherwise be known as the “experts” but once someone has the confidence in you… It really pays dividends.

I would strongly recommend gym training as something even as stress reliever, something to perhaps lift the shackles off if you like and really allow you to push yourself to new levels.

So take the strain… Take the pain… Because at the end of the day… Us dyspraxics will have something else positive to gain.

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