Dyspraxia and music festivals/ concerts

It’s been a while since I last shared anything with you regarding dyspraxia and one of the things that is difficult for me to get maximum enjoyment from.

I find it incredibly difficult at concerts for the main reason that I hate having no personal space to let’s say… Bust some moves.

A very well known difficulty of dyspraxia is perception of space and the environment around us. So, a fine example is when I’m “busting my moves” in the kitchen each morning as my “pick me up”, if you will, as well as while I’m washing and drying up and cooking my tea. When I’m in the kitchen I have enough personal space to be able to “bust my moves” and enjoy the music at the same time and not have every person and their dog within a few millimetres radius of where I am. Then again, I wouldn’t want a dog to be within a close proximity of me anyway because I’m allergic to them unfortunately but… Hey ho!

So on February 24th, I went to a concert and I focused on enjoying the music as I am really doing everything nowadays to actually think solely about the positives rather than the negatives.

The venue I was in for the concert on February 24th was a very small venue, unlike past experiences I’ve had where I’ve felt happier in less closed spaces and having more personal space. Just to throw interest out there it was the O2 Institute in Birmingham where the concert was. I have been there before when I seem to remember it wasn’t as packed out where my experience was better due to again having more personal space.

I also get anxious at music festivals or concerts when I see people who seem to be acting in an overly mad or seemingly kind of violent or disorderly way. I felt this when I was at another music festival called the Godiva Festival, which is in Coventry and I went there last year in July. There was somebody who’d probably had too much to drink acting disorderly near to where I was standing and I just hated it as he wasn’t exactly moving away and I was limited to how far away I could go.

Even with that kind of experience, I still don’t let stupid idiots like that spoil my experience of enjoying the music itself, which is the reason for going of course.

It’s just not easy when it comes to Dyspraxia and music events or events in general where there’s a packed crowd and not much personal space is available and it makes it more challenging. But challenges are to be embraced I think and I will continue to enjoy going to music events and enjoy the music… Not let some stupid, intoxicated idiots ruin my night by invading my personal space.

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