Plan to create a local dyspraxia support group

Setting up a local dyspraxia support group in my home town has been an interest of mine since this time last year. 

This time last year it would’ve been just over a year since my dyspraxia and borderline ASD diagnosis.  I started attending a support group in a place not to far from my town and it has been such a positive thing for me. 

So this has spurred me on to wanting to set up a local support group. However, I have come across the most difficult stumbling block. That is, actually finding anybody in my local area who has dyspraxia. Either, they choose to disclose it or don’t know they have it. The facts are here to see. At least 2 people and in quite a lot of cases, probably 3 in every classroom (which is usually 25-30 people) have dyspraxia. 

It will still remain an ambition of mine to set up a local support group for dyspraxic people. The Dyspraxia Foundation have supported me a lot via having the Facebook support group and I want to work with my local Dyspraxia Foundation coordinator for the county to achieve this mission, as I talked about it with the coordinator in around November time last year, which is when we put an advert in our local town magazine that gets delivered each month. 

Hopefully, this will be able to come to fruition at some point in the near future, as helping people with dyspraxia and also passing down little pieces of advice means the world to me and I want to meet new people and have a positive impact on my local community. 

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