It’s been a funny week 

This week has presented one particular moment of amusement for me in terms of dyspraxia. 

While some things with dyspraxia are incredibly difficult to not take seriously, I have to say that knocking over 2 boxes of cubes (the sort you put on hangers that hold clothes) had me bursting out laughing. 

As soon as it happened, I just thought… Look at all those cubes enjoying themselves scattered all over the floor. My next thought was… What fun this will be picking up all these. 

It was quite funny for me mostly because coordination is not usually too much of a problem for me. 

However, this day I was all over the place… Maybe next time I shouldn’t go drinking 18 pints at my local. Hahaha a likely story I think not. I was just clumsy and knocking into everything. I was like a spinning top, a bumper car at a fair. Just think of anything that bumps into everything and I was that a couple of days ago. 

Now comes an apology to finish this shorter blog today and I hope you will forgive me. 

Well, you know the Mr Men, the books by Roger Hargreaves, well what I’m trying to say is… I have been Mr Bump all this time without you knowing. 

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