Dyspraxia Awareness Week 

So the 8th of October marked the start of Dyspraxia Awareness Week. 

It’s been 2 years or only just a small fraction over that since I was diagnosed with dyspraxia and borderline ASD. 

It has been a huge positive to me that I now know of my diagnosis and now I actually know why I am like I am. 

But it shouldn’t stop there. I still feel that personally to me, I still feel like I don’t get the biggest level of understanding or at least a good level of understanding in terms of how my dyspraxia is affected say in terms of my anxiety. 

We need to keep raising awareness and making sure that the positive thing that is dyspraxia gets more light shed on it and not be swept under the carpet and not really cared about. 

Sure, dyspraxia may come with “baggage” or whichever adjectives you’d use to describe it, however, the positive aspects sometimes don’t go to bring sunlight to the otherwise cloudy image that is dyspraxia. 

Now yes, sometimes, and I can relate to the thought that my mind can be cloudy at times and my brain just completely goes to mush but I do get those sunny “lightbulb” moments where I think I’ve done something great or just made a difference to someone’s life or my own life which could be a huge victory or a small victory. 

Victories need to be celebrated big or small and for someone with dyspraxia, I’ve learnt to hold onto this thought throughout day to day life.

The Dyspraxia Foundation are also well worth a mention in this blog too as they have helped people like myself to think about dyspraxia in a positive way as well as helping me to make new friends within the Dyspraxia Foundation youth group on Facebook which is to me an absolutely incredible part of my life, whether it’s through a computer screen or not, that doesn’t matter. The point is, it is a fantastic support network which I’m extremely grateful to be a part of.

Now if you don’t excuse me, I’ll have to head off now as I think my tea is burning in the oven. Nope sorry, that stereotype can be forgotten about and the people who truly think something like that defines dyspraxia you couldn’t be more wrong. 

My tea isn’t actually burning in the oven.
What is burning though, is my desire to keep flying the flag for dyspraxia, raising awareness about it, occasionally hopefully adding humour to it and making others without the condition think about it on a positive way and increase their level of understanding. 

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