Being independent and gaining confidence!

This past week has been great for me in relation to the title of this post. 

I have been in contact with different people which is usually a huge challenge for me with social anxiety and also depending on the environment I’m in at the time. 

Trying to speak for myself without having someone as my spokesperson to a sense has helped to boost my confidence too. 

Being dyspraxic, sometimes being independent is very difficult and it’s more likely that the sun shines in England once a week than me showing a level of independence. 

However, I feel that having been able to conduct myself in a fairly confident manner towards my tasks over the past week, I could now use that confidence to approach other tasks in that same way. 

I could sit here and say that it’s been scary trying to say things and to know what to say to people this past week especially but I’m not going to think like that.

Instead, I hope through this shorter blog post, that I can help my fellow peers of the Dyspraxia Foundation think “Hey, I will just be myself, speak as confidently as possible and show a positive attitude”.

Us dyspraxics needs to celebrate the small victories as well as the big, and I feel that I’ve had glimpses of victory in some ways this past week. 

Let your confidence conquer! 

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