Dyspasta or Dyspraxia? 

First of all… I want to make one thing clear. This is not me saying I’ve got spaghetti in my brain. However, I feel like all the thoughts in there would represent a great comparable.  

What I’m talking about is how my brain and perhaps how some of my fellow friends who share the same condition feel about how thoughts are rushing round their minds each day

Note: This is the point where I start to be all philosophical or talk about my other meaning of Spaghetti in some way. 

So, when i talk about the thoughts going round my head throughout each day, I liken it to it being like a bowl of spaghetti. So many little strands which look like signals all interchanging between one another.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but this is quite a regular occurrence for dyspraxic people. Thoughts constantly on our minds and all tangled up. 

I think this also brings about our or correction, my forgetfulness. My mind is constantly thinking, definitely overthinking and the bowl of spaghetti is always full, never empty. 

This is exactly like a real bowl of spaghetti would be on a table in front of me. I’d be struggling to pick up the strands and a fair portion would still be left. 

Thinking about spaghetti, or even just pasta in general, it is like dyspraxia. It is different for everybody. Whereas the characteristics of pasta are different as you see the colour, shape and size but with dyspraxia it’s how each different component such as coordination, time management or organisation could be different. 

To finish off with, I thought I’d sum up why I think dyspraxia and pasta/ spaghetti are comparable.

Dyspraxia is a creative tool, could perhaps be colourful if you imagine it and there are many components to it, just like my analogy of a bowl of spaghetti. 

Hopefully by the images I’ve put in the blog, you may have found my idea interesting. 

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