Anxiety is like a dark cloud. In fact, it’s like a dark cloud in a stormy day. 

It affects me in many ways such as social situations and confidence completing tasks.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to bring myself to do tasks that I know I can do. It is so exhausting to have to brush anxiety aside to feel ready to do things. 

However, I don’t plan to let anxiety defeat me in any way at all. I may be a worrier, but I’m also a warrior. 

I take little steps each day in order to pass anxiety by and be kind to myself. This is something that’s done the opposite and passed me by… Being kind to myself. I believe (and hopefully I’ll be backed up on this) that I’m kind to others and want the best for all of my friends and family. 

People matter to me. And obviously in my own mind at times my brain must forget to actually focus on my own wellbeing. 

Over time though, I’ve found things that to me are more comforting and help to release me from being trapped in this anxious state. 

There’s one obvious thing straight away. This! Blogging about it helps me to write down my feelings and not to bottle it up inside of me. 

Other ways I unwind are to listen to music and play my favourite computer games. I call it… Me time. 

Relevant as it is, at time of writing, I’ve actually remembered something for once. Hallelujah!!! 

And hopefully this could be a new and original way of trying to forget about anxiety. At least I hope this hasn’t been copyrighted. 

So, the word anxiety starts with the letter A. Now, think of as many words as possible that begin with the letter A (that aren’t anxiety and don’t relate to it so you can get the maximum feeling). 

You can elaborate on it however you choose. Perhaps you have a favourite hobby and could think of lots of words that link to that hobby. 

This is the beauty of the imagination of a dyspraxic person. For me, I could choose for example to think of surnames of my favourite football players, basketball players, ice hockey players, etc. 

Now it’s your turn. Hopefully my method could help you to reduce those anxious thoughts, or at least to a good extent. 

Anxiety won’t beat me and it won’t beat you. Use my “word game” as it’s an idea that’s probably overdue. 

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