Cooking for dyspraxics

Cooking can be challenging for everybody. To be honest, lots of things are challenging for everybody. However, it’s a well know fact that dyspraxic people have more of a challenge with practical skills such as cooking especially as that involves another difficulty within itself… Time management!

Here, I shall be handing down my experience of how I have gone from cooking nothing at all, to cooking a dish good enough for a total banquet… That’s right… Beans on toast. 

Unfortunately, and strangely enough, that dish isn’t part of my repertoire… Mainly because I don’t like baked beans (insert shock of the century quotes here). 

I prefer to try and cook bigger meals, though just being good enough right now to cook for myself. So, my favourite meal to cook for myself is the British classic, toad in the hole. 

Hopefully this is where I could inspire a few of my fellow friends from the Dyspraxia Foundation to further develop their cooking skills, as they may come in handy later down the line. 

For toad in the hole, the 2 main components are the sausages and the Yorkshire pudding, but of course the ingredients to make the Yorkshire pudding in the first place. Below is all the things you will need to make this dish. 
3 sausages

1 egg 

A tiny bit of milk (I don’t know how much exactly) 

A bit of flour (again, I’m not sure the exact amount but enough that covers the bottom of a bowl 

A pinch of salt (if you want) 
So, as you can tell I am heir to Gordon Ramsay’s throne in the chef industry. 

Being honest though, as long as you have those ingredients listed, you will be able to make toad in the hole. 

Firstly, you will need to cut up the sausages. For me, each sausage will be cut into 4 pieces. These will then be put into a dish, which for me is a square based dish. 

Then, once the oven has got to the desired heat (again for me it would be 200 c), put the sausages in to cook for about 10-15 minutes. 

While that is cooking, this is where you start to make the Yorkshire pudding mixture. 

So for this, pour into a bowl some flour, crack in the egg and pour in a bit of milk until the mixture isn’t as thick. Then you’ll need to whisk it, preferably without it going down your clothes. 

Once you’ve whisked it a couple of times within that 10-15 minute time frame, you can then pour that into the dish with the sausages in it and wait for the magic to happen. Again, I must warn you, while waiting… Try not to distract yourself so much that your house ends up in flames. That hasn’t happened to me though, I just thought I’d point it out. 

So once the Yorkshire pudding looks golden brown (not burnt), take it out the oven and test it. If you test it with a fork and the fork isn’t dirty once removing, it is safe to eat… Hallelujah! 

Finally, stick a cherry on top and jobs a gooden. 

I hope you have enjoyed my take on how to cook yourself a meal. Soon enough I shall be passing down more knowledge from the kitchen.  

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