Better late than never? 

Somehow, I managed to miss something blatant out of my last blog. Better late than never though hey. 

Hmmmm… Like that’s never happened before. Me… Missing the obvious. Never. 

The thing I forgot to talk about, was in fact a type of therapy which could help people with dyspraxia in a different way to the ones I mentioned before. 

So, as a person who really values each experience going to the gym and doing exercise, I also tend to feel disheartened easily, as my coordination won’t quite work with some of the movements. 

For example, if I was to try doing press ups, I couldn’t keep my back straight. This happens not just in this exercise, but other exercises such as lifting weights. 

However much I get shown how to do the movement, I just can’t seem to get it right. 

But I don’t stop. Well, I do stop from potentially doing myself any damage and I try to remember what the right movement was or to move onto something else. 

I feel that this would be where physiotherapy would be very helpful. For one thing, it would give a dyspraxic person that confidence boost at being able to participate in sports and physical activity. 

When I used to go to tennis sessions at my local tennis club, I’d be laughed at whenever I tried to do press-ups. Some of you may be able to see that as more of a joke. However, I had press-ups as more of a forfeit to do if I lost in one of the games. 

I hated being laughed at, which is again where I think… Physiotherapy would’ve really helped me to feel comfortable doing more exercises. 

Going back to the title of this blog (which I happened to include 2 meanings) “better late than never”, perhaps some of you may think that physiotherapy would be a great idea and would help hone those skills that just haven’t found their peak yet. 

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