Different types of therapy and the ways they could help a dyspraxic person 

There are many different types of therapy that’s for sure. Unfortunately, “retail therapy” doesn’t quite fall under that list for me. 

So, as you can tell, retail therapy is not something that helps me feel happy, as I never really know what I want to buy and don’t want to spend ages in shops ever. 

But in this blog, I shall be talking about a few different types of therapy and how they could help a dyspraxic person, especially those, like myself, who may be prone to feeling anxious. 

1) Hypnotherapy

So, hypnotherapy may be quite a big thing for some people if they considered this as something to relieve anxiety. The first thing you may think of here is sleep. Well, you’d be right to think that. 

It is used in order to break certain habits in people, while also helping to change a thought process for the better. 

I think this could be beneficial for you if you are feeling constantly anxious and also if you feel you have habits that could easily go out of control. 
2) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

I know some of my fellow friends and members of the Dyspraxia Foundation may be familiar with this. 

In a quote from the NHS, “CBT aims to help you deal with overwhelming problems in a more positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts”. 

This could be beneficial in a variety of ways. Straight away after researching I think about how it could help with problems such as sleeping, a panic disorder or a health condition such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
3) Counselling 

This could possibly be the easiest one in some ways. I think the main reason for this, is that you are talking about things that make you anxious. Not only this, but the fact that your with somebody who may well have experienced what you could have done. 

It’s also good as you feel like your being listened to (if you have a good counsellor) and this could help to get to the root of a problem you may be having whether it’s at home or in the workplace. 

I have experienced counselling myself and my experience has always been good. I’ve felt listened to and also helped to feel a bit more confident within myself. 
Hopefully this has been helpful to some of you who may consider any of these ways to help with any problems you may be encountering. 

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