How I organise myself

How do I organise myself? Hmmmm… Good question! 

I don’t think me and organised go into the same sentence (unless you put mess afterwards). 

Here is something to illustrate part of my “organised mess” 

This is how I live. This may come as a shock to some of you that I have a desk space filled with everything from paper and magazines to headphones and… Just stuff. And it was even worse when I had paperwork from college… It would be all over the place. 

To tell the truth, it does get to the stage where I do think “this needs tidying”, but part of me doesn’t really know how to tidy it and where to put things.

From the age of 12, once I got to secondary school, the organisation of my school bag was also something to behold, with papers scrunched up and like I didn’t care at all about them.

The thought just never seemed to cross my mind and my school bag would be like this for 7 years, going through high school and into college with the same problem.

It does sound silly doesn’t it? Well, I’ll tell you one thing. I’m so glad that organising a school bag isn’t an event at the Olympic Games. 

So many thoughts would be going round my mind over the past few years that perhaps I didn’t give it a moment’s thought to try and keep my school work in a good state. 

I know I can’t live like this forever, otherwise I’ll be drowned in a sea of “organised mess”, with no life guard there to help. At least the word organised does still apply though. 

The time will come where I will decide to find a system to organise myself better. When that time will be is still unknown at this point… But it’s something that I’m willing to experiment with different methods. 

Hopefully I’ll actually remember where I decide to put things on the shelves or in drawers. If not, I’m saved by the wonders of the Amazon Echo. 

If you don’t know about the Amazon Echo already, I’d thoroughly recommend it as (if you actually choose to use it) it’s great for organisation. 

After being the owner of the Amazon Echo for about 9 months now… I think I’ve finally got the memo. 

I’ve learnt something myself from this blog and something quite striking. I’ve got the resources there to help me… Now I just need to put them to use.

And that I will do! 

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