Life at school part 3- GCSEs

Exams (Exaggerated anXiety And Mental Stress). This is a quote found from one of the most handy books I’ve ever read called How to get the best out of everything, by Michael Heppell. 

This meaning of exams applied to me in many ways. I Exaggerated how much I needed to try and revise. I had a lot of anXiety about whether I was going to pass my exams or not… And I passed… 6 exams with 3 B’s and 3 C’s. I was in a Mental state of shock I think when it got to results day and I found out what my results were and at that point the Stress of the exams themselves had removed itself from my mind. 

I still don’t think its ever dawned on me how proud my parents were with me to be quite honest. They thought by then that I was certainly struggling in lessons such as Maths and English and though there was a TA in my English, I still found it very difficult. My parents ended up rewarding me with a meal out on the day of my results and a PS4, which were both very welcome additions to a day which hasn’t quite sunk in. 

Apart from GCSEs, I found general life at my high school a challenge, especially as my friends ended up growing further apart from me and it seemed even more inevitable that they’d in a way, abandoned me, which was heartbreaking as I didn’t feel as happy at lunchtimes and I could’ve done with that relief… Those encouraging words to just say something like “You can do this Sam”. 

Of course, I didn’t want to be dependent like that but to me as well as my parents saying things like that to support me, it would’ve been nice to have friends backing me all the way to, just like I would try to support them. 

As far as other highlights of high school go, I was delighted to be handed a “physical endeavour” award by all the staff in the PE department. At that time I was thinking “what, me… Sam Killip… Winning an award to do with PE… Give me a break”. But it was true. Something else that left me completely taken aback. All the boys in my PE class were put in their place in a sense. 

I received no end of bullying especially in football as guess what… I was put in goal all the time. Most of the boys would hurl abuse at me about me being scared of the ball flying towards me or not passing it to the right person. And sometimes it really left me devoid of any confidence whatsoever. But I beat the bullies. And I’m proud of that. 

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