Life at school part 2- Secondary School 

Life certainly wasn’t easy for me at secondary school by any means. If I learnt one thing though, it’s that I could see who my true friends really were. 

So going into year 7, the small group of friends I had from primary school managed to make new friends, while also already being friends with people from other primary schools in our local area. 

At this point, I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t feel confident at being in big groups of people, which is what my friends ended up being a part of. I kind of felt left out and lonely and lost that one sense of enjoyment at school I had, which was being with friends. 

I did however get more friendly with one of the boys in my form, who assured me that we were best friends. That was until one day, he decided to run away from me while playing football, leaving me thinking where he’d gone and why he would do such a thing. 

That really did bring my sense of trust down. But that wasn’t the only thing this so-called “friend” would do to make life a misery for me. He would totally ignore me when we were in the car on the way to scouts. He’d repeatedly chat away to the 2 other boys saying “you know… You know… You know” which was supposedly something secret they were talking about which I found rude and disrespectful and so did my parents. 

I ended my friendship with this one boy, and going back to my point about losing trust, this left me with less confidence in making new friends. 

Besides feeling unhappy at times, I did have some moments to cherish. In fact, my favourite moment of secondary school was the prom in year 9. I was dressed in a suit, thankfully able to do my buttons up that day and I was able to have fun and forget about the things which made me unhappy. 

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