Life at School Part 1- Primary School 

Having introduced my blog yesterday, I’m now thrilled to start sharing my stories about what life has been like for me with having dyspraxia. 

Firstly, I shall be sharing some of my most memorable moments from primary school… Enjoy. 

I’ll start off in year 3, aged 9. I think it was for a couple of days, the whole of year 3 went to Beaumanor Hall on a trip.

 We played hide and seek one night and I was quite pleased with the end result. When I went to hide, instead of following the crowd, I decided to find my own place and found a wall where there wasn’t much lighting and hid behind it. And guess what… I wasn’t found. It took the voice of one of the teachers saying “time to go back to the hostel now” for me to reveal myself. I felt quite happy about that and found a unique way of doing things instead of following everybody to the other hiding places. 

The next memory I have from primary school is certainly one of my funniest memories. In fact, I managed to win the “Wally of the day award” with this one. 

So again, in year 4 we we went on another trip to Sherwood Forest and one day, we were going for a fairly long walk, which I didn’t quite take into my mind once first told. What I then did, was decide to prepare for a long walk… By putting my sandals on. Everyone stood there in shock at seeing me in my sandals and it’s fair to say I hadn’t quite understood what was wrong. 

But we had awards given out once we were sitting down for tea that night in the hostel when the award for “Wally of the day” was announced and my name was called. I stood up, laughed a lot and went to collect the wooden medal from the then head teacher. 

If there’s one thing I learnt from these experiences, it’s that what’s a school trip of you can’t leave there with a long lasting memory and left me feeling like I was one of the most unique people, without being one of the most popular. 

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